Our Three Guiding Principles

Plan for your future

Income Strategy for Retirement with a Reasonable Rate of Return

To prepare for a successful future after your career, you need a sound income strategy for retirement. Our team works to protect what you have worked hard for. Clients often ask what a reasonable rate of return in retirement is. In addition to protecting their money, they also hope to benefit from interest growth.

Our strategies follow 3 guiding principles:


Protect your hard-earned money. Ensure your financial security.

Reasonable Rate of Return**

Achieve a reasonable rate of return** while preserving your income.

A Simplified Approach.

It shouldn’t be a complicated process to plan for your income strategy for retirement.

Keep Your Principal Safe

We prioritize the protection of your principal. You should have a retirement income that lasts a lifetime.

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Planning for a successful retirement can be done in several ways. One way is to take a more conservative approach. Historically, savings accounts are low-interest accounts. In general, certificates of deposit (CDs) offer higher rates than savings accounts, but not enough to entice most people. Savings bonds are generally considered very safe. Yet, saving bonds continue to be heavily impacted by current interest rates. Low-interest rates are common as well. Though many of the choices available may not be satisfactory.

Many retirees choose higher interest rate options over savings accounts, CDs, and bonds with lower interest rates. They find higher interest rates more attractive than conservative options. However, you still need to protect your money. The goal is to earn more money than inflation without taking any risks associated with stocks. 

We work with you to help you choose an income strategy for retirement that protects your principal. 

Reasonable Rate of Return

In many instances, an interest rate that is too low is typically insufficient for retirees. Money may be safe, but your income might not cover all your expenses. Retirement strategies like these aren’t the most suitable option for many clients. 

Is it possible to earn money and at the same time preserve it? Yes, with the right retirement strategy, it is possible to generate a reasonable rate of return (RRR). With an indexed annuity (FIA), your money is safe while earning indexed interest. We offer our clients solutions that offer them both financial security a reasonable return over time. 

A Simplified Approach

It is important that your retirement strategy is simple, not complex. When you have to spend time worrying about your money and watching the markets, are you truly retired? A properly planned retirement can be a straightforward process.

The needs and financial situation of every client are different.

There’s no need to sacrifice one of the three principles for the other. Employing all three is possible. We can help you explore your options. Schedule a no-obligation meeting with us to discuss your options.

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