These 4 States are must-see vacation destinations for Retirees

These 4 States are must-see vacation destinations for Retirees

No matter when you retire or how you plan on spending it, one thing is almost certain – you’ll be bit by the travel bug at some point. Whether you enjoy kicking it by the beach, having cultural encounters across the country, being wined and dined, or are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, these 4 states are must sees for retirees.


How fitting would it be to explore the biggest state known as the “Last Frontier?” Alaska is still a fairly “new” state by historical standards and that means it’s still ripe for opportunity to adventure and explore. Even though the state is the largest in the Union, one of the best ways to experience its wild grandeur is by boat. There are many cruise lines that frequent the frigid waters of the north pacific and are a perfect option for the restless retiree in search of a little adventure. Enjoy world-class meals, entertainment, and raw natural beauty like you’ve never seen it before.


The first thing you might be thinking about is the desert. To be fair, Arizona has a largely desert climate, but is also known for mountains, plateaus, and forests. Arizona’s arid climate is ideal for those looking to escape the cold but who don’t want to necessarily bake. Arizona’s “biggest” attraction is also regarded as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – the Grand Canyon. While it may have taken eons to carve out this unfathomable gorge, rest assured it will only take one glance to make you wonder why you didn’t visit sooner.


They say everything is bigger in Texas, but maybe its reputation for being fiercely independent is why it’s referred to as the “Lone Star State.” Located right in the middle of the continental United States, Texas is home to nearly every type of climate you could hope for and as a result – offers a wide variety of outdoor activities including: hunting, fishing, mountain-biking, camping, and horse-back riding. One of the most beautiful attractions is the Texas Hill Country with it’s unique culture of river tubing, wine-tasting, and ranch-themed art and architecture. With so much to see and do you’ll probably make more than one visit to this iconic state.


This should really go without saying, everyone needs to visit the self-proclaimed “Island of Paradise” at least once! Actually made up of hundreds of smaller islands, Hawaii’s breathtaking scenery, tropical climate, beautiful public beaches, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists and retirees alike. Add the fusion of North American, Asian, and Oceanic culinary influences and what you get is quite literally a place like nowhere else on the planet. Eat up and hang-ten!

Make sure you have the means to visit the place of your dreams!

You’ve worked hard and you deserve some much needed rest and relaxation, but at Reliance Retirement we know that some of the greatest experiences you’ll have in life don’t happen by chance – they are planned. If you need help planning your future and realizing the retirement you’ve always wanted, contact us today for consultation.


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