The Domino Effect: Make your Retirement Investment Work for You

The Domino Effect: Make your Retirement Investment Work for You

Happy New Year from all of us at Reliance Retirement Services! We hope you had a fantastic time bringing in a new era of possibility. A new calendar year gives us a chance to reflect on the previous year gone by and all its breakthroughs and downfalls and how we can learn from them. At Reliance Retirement our business is the business of protecting your investments and it will continue to be our guiding light going into this year and beyond. What are your resolutions for 2015? Well we have one for you and it involves you working less and earning more when it comes to your retirement investments. How can this be possible? Watch the video below and keep reading.

Why dominos are a good example of investing

Like Steven Morris mentioned above, dominos have a wondrous function of holding potential energy that is great enough to move an object larger than itself. Your retirement investment is capable of doing just this, but only if you are putting your money in the right places that have the greatest chance of bring you the return you desire. It may seem small at first (just like that micro domino), but your tiny investment now has the potential to grow into an unstoppable force over time.

You may be setting aside money regularly in a savings or checking account; however, with those traditionally low interest rates you may as well be tossing your dominos in a bag instead of setting them up for increasingly bigger returns. For example if you started with an initial principal of investment of just $5,000 with an average return of 7%, and didn’t put in any more over the course of 35 years – your investment would be worth over $57,000. That’s without you lifting a finger – that’s making your money work for you.

Protect your hard work with Reliance Retirement Services

One of the biggest factors in determining if you will meet your retirement goals isn’t necessarily how much you invest, it’s how you protect that investment. Even the best analysts don’t know exactly how the market will respond from month to month and year to year. When everyone else is scrambling to salvage their money from a volatile market, you can rest easy knowing that with Reliance Retirement – your gains won’t decrease and you’ll never lose your principal. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s even better than that and it could be your reality today.


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