The Cost of Retirement for a Happy Retiree


The Cost of Retirement for a Happy Retiree

So I started making a list. On that list, I poured in everything I have ever pictured myself doing in my retirement years. After I had about 50 items written down I began refining my list a bit to get a better picture of what I might be able to do in the first 5 years of retirement. With the 90% reduction in my list, I started looking at the real costs of the top 5 things that I wanted to do. I challenge you to try this out for yourself. You may find that a few of mine overlap with yours.

european countrysideA Week-Long Trip to Europe for Two

I admit it! I’ve never been to Europe! This is why I’ve made this trip a high priority in retirement. Trips to Europe are notoriously expensive, so I researched the lowest cost trip. A week long vacation to explore the British countryside including overnight stay at a reasonably priced hotel, rental car, food for two, admissions to popular destinations and airfare comes out to around $2,650. Airfare may vary depending on the season – so I calculated the average airfare to Europe for the month of June.

A Year’s Worth of Golf

I’ve played golf on and off in my youth, but now it’s finally time to hone my swing! So, I pick up a reasonably priced set of clubs – an upgrade from the last set I had totaling around $799. Then I figured, to really sharpen my skills, I’ll probably play 2-3 rounds per month maybe 4-5 in the first year. I looked up the average cost of golf for someone like me for one year including only the cost of rounds paid to the golf club. According to, the real cost of golf is around $4260 to $5555 for an enthusiast like me. Better to get the year pass.


Dining Out Once Per Week

This one, is pretty common for retirees I’m assuming? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the wife probably doesn’t mind being taken out to eat on occasion at this point in life. I’m guess with all of the time we have together, we should spend at least one night of the week at a high end restaurant. Dinner for 2 every week will cost us around $40-60.

The Annual Fishing Trip

Gas to Port Aransas Texas from San Antonio costs about $50 there and back. Maybe $100 if your in a gas guzzler. You’ll want to get yourself a room on the coast as well. A day trip of deep sea fishing for one adult is usually around $60 per person. You may need a fishing license as well which’s costs around $22 in Texas. Total for the deep sea fishing trip for two will come out to around $377.

Annual Holiday Airfare

Holiday airfare is difficult to calculate on average obviously because it depends on the holiday and how far you need to travel, what your carrying with you etc. So we’ll leave this one up to you. Maybe your lucky enough to have the kids and grandkids come see you!

So, what is the average cost of my own personal year of leisure? Drumroll please. The total comes out to $10,107 not including Holiday airfare. There might be a few more items to add to this list for next year. 🙂 Calculate your’s and leave us a comment!

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