Our Process


Anything Worth Doing Takes Time

We’ve thrown away the old-school investment perspective of “getting in” to cash out quick. Making money is important, but protecting your initial investment is vital to the overall goal – sustained growth over time.


Our goal for you and your money is to take advantage of peak market times while avoiding the eventual drops that are sure to come. By taking a measured approach that emphasizes long-term results, we’ll help you achieve your financial goals with less volatility than traditional investing.

Understanding Stock Market Volatility




We Take the Stress Out of Investing

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth, and at Reliance Retirement we believe we’re doing our job best when you do less. Minimizing risk to your portfolio and protecting it from drastic change is our constant mission. With Reliance Retirement you can enjoy your life free from worry about temporary market trends and instability.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. When it comes to protecting what you love most, you need someone you can rely on. Protect and grow your assets with Reliance Retirement Services, and see how easy smart investing can be.


Understand These Retirement Rules

Timing Can Be Critical


IRA account holders must wait until they are 59 ½ years of age
to withdraw IRA funds without 10% penalty.


IRA account holders at 70 ½ years of age must take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) and begin paying taxes on those qualified funds.

Ask 3 Questions:


1.) Can I lose my principal?

2.) What will this investment cost me (fees)?

3.) Will my invested funds last throughout retirement?

A Possible Solution

What if you could purchase an insurance product that follows a Stock Market Index, and when the Stock Market Index goes up, you may have the opportunity to earn more interest; but when the Stock Market Index goes down, you don’t lose any of your principal?

Your Bottom Line

If what you want is…

1.) Preservation of principal

2.) Reasonable rate of return

3.) Greater financial confidence in retirement

We can help.

The choices are yours. You control your own money. Our process is proven by our clients’ greater financial confidence in retirement. Let’s have our first meeting and talk about what retirement assets you want to protect.

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